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Água do mar é o melhor remédio para resfriados que existe! – Ocean Water Spray Halts Children’s Cough and Cold Symptoms; Cold Medicine Doesn’t


Ocean Water Spray Halts Children’s Cough and Cold Symptoms; Cold Medicine Doesn’t

 Saturday, June 21, 2008 by: David Gutierrez | Key concepts: water, ocean water and cold medicine

(NaturalNews) A nose spray made from ocean water provides more symptom relief and lasting improvement in children than over-the-counter cough and cold medications, according to a study published in Archives of Otolaryngology.

The study was conducted by researchers at the Teaching Hospital of Brno in the Czech Republic and paid for by the French company Goemar Laboratoires La Madeleine, which makes the nasal spray used in the study.

Researchers treated 390 children between the ages of six and 10 who had uncomplicated cold or flu symptoms with standard over-the-counter cold medications such as nasal decongestants. In addition, some of the children were also treated with Physiomer nasal spray, which is made from Atlantic Ocean water. Children in the nasal spray group were given six sprays per day early in the study, and three sprays per day later in the study.

All the children were then monitored for 12 weeks. Upon the second checkup, children given the nasal wash had less nasal congestion and less runny noses than children given only medication. After eight weeks, they also had significantly fewer coughs, nasal obstructions and secretions, and sore throats.

Children given the nasal spray were significantly less likely to have to use extra medications, including nasal decongestants, fever reducers, mucus-dissolvers or antibiotics, than children given only over-the-counter drugs.

The mechanism by which the nasal spray works is not yet understood. The researchers suggested that it might simply be a mechanical cleansing of nasal passages, or that the trace elements in seawater might have a biological effect.

The FDA has said that over-the-counter cold medications should not be given to children under the age of two, because they do not work and may have dangerous side effects. The American Academy of Pediatrics says that the drugs are ineffective and potentially dangerous for children under the age of six.


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