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Ingestão de frutas controla o açucar no organismo e diminui efeitos do diabetes


Simulin from Fruits Protects People From Diabetic Effects of Dietary Sugars

Friday, November 07, 2008 by: David Gutierrez
Key concepts: Diabetic, Fruits and Sugar

(NaturalNews) Researchers from ATM Metabolics say they have isolated a chemical, naturally occurring in fruits and vegetables, that protects the body from the diabetes-producing effects of sugars.

ATM Metabolics is a research company specializing in treatment of metabolic and neurological disorders.

The researchers isolated and tested a chemical, which they call simulin, and found that it accelerated the removal of excess sugar from the bloodstream, increased the sensitivity of insulin receptors, reduced the amount of carbohydrates absorbed, and reduced the amount of glucose manufactured by the liver. It also helped "[mobilize] carbohydrates from the fat cells."

Calling simulin a "sugar defense mechanism," the researchers said their findings suggested the chemical helps the body deal with sugar’s potentially harmful effects. If added to foods and beverages, they said, it might help protect against diabetes and even allow diabetics to eat sugary foods again.

Simulin is not a sweetener, but rather a compound that could be added to already sweetened products.

The researchers have speculated that the chemical evolved as a way to encourage animals to eat more fruit by protecting them against diabetes.

"Fruit plants depend on their fruits being eaten to spread, so it makes sense that they would do everything they could to keep their fruit on the menu," said researcher Daryl Thompson. "This could be why humans didn’t become diabetic despite eating so much sugar in fruit and vegetables."

Thompson said that further studies of simulin’s effects are underway to clear the way for its use as a commercial food additive. He said that because the product is natural, it should not need to receive special FDA approval, and could probably achieve Generally Recognized As Safe status.

For the same reason, he expects companies and consumers to line up once the product is ready.

"We’ve had a good response from the food industry," he said, "and we think consumers will accept it because it is natural."

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