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Pare de comer comida processada e frituras e restaure as defesas naturais do seu corpo, revela estudo.

Stop eating processed and fried foods and you’ll restore the body’s natural defenses, study finds

Thursday, November 26, 2009 by: S. L. Baker, features writer

(NaturalNews) There’s a drugless and side effect-free way to reduce
inflammation in the body, restore the body’s natural defense system,
lose weight, possibly increase lifespan and improve or prevent
diabetes, cardiovascular disease and kidney disease. What’s more, you
can get the benefits from this natural health strategy no matter what
your age or whether you already have a serious disease. So who’s behind
these "wild" health declarations? It’s not a supplement maker or
natural health group. Instead, the claims come from mainstream science
— researchers from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, to be exact.

Their findings, published in the October/November issue of the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism
conclude there’s a simple, inexpensive dietary intervention that could
control weight even without changing caloric intake and help make
people healthier in a host of ways. The key? Stop eating processed and fried foods.

According to the Mount Sinai study, these foods,
which are abundant in Western diets, are loaded with harmful toxins
called Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs). AGEs are produced when
foods are heated, pasteurized, dried, smoked, fried or grilled. Then,
once consumed and inside the body, AGEs adhere to tissues and oxidize
them, causing inflammation
which can result in numerous diseases. In fact, a long list of animal
studies conducted by Helen Vlassara, MD, Professor and Director of the
Division of Experimental Diabetes and Aging at Mount Sinai School of
Medicine, and her team have previously shown the dangers of AGEs. The
oxidative stress from high oxidant levels and inflammation associated
with long-term exposure to AGEs increase the risk of diabetes, heart
disease, kidney disease and other chronic ills.

new clinical study, conducted in collaboration with the National
Institute on Aging (NIA), built on this earlier animal research but
this time looked at what people ate and how it affected their bodies.
The researchers studied 325 healthy adults and 66 with chronic kidney disease. A subset of 40 healthy participants and another nine with kidney disease were randomly assigned to follow a regular Western diet
full of AGEs or to follow a diet with only one-half the amount of AGEs
typically found in the American style of eating. Research subjects in
the "AGE-less diet" group were advised to avoid grilling, frying or
baking their food.
Instead, they were told to eat food that was poached, stewed or
steamed. There was no change in calories or nutrient intake during the
time of the study.

After four months on the low-AGEs eating plan, the scientists checked the blood of the healthy research subjects. They
found that AGE levels, lipid peroxides, inflammatory markers, and
biomarkers of vascular function declined by as much as 60 percent.
What’s more, a similar reduction was found in the kidney patients after only one month on the AGE-less diet.

addition, the research team found a positive effect on a cellular
receptor for AGEs called AGER1. That’s a critical finding because the
AGER1 receptor is needed for removing toxic AGEs from the body. On the
other hand, the participants with kidney disease, all of whom had
extremely elevated levels of AGEs, had severely suppressed AGER1
receptors. The Mount Sinai scientists speculate that’s because this
important defense mechanism is "exhausted" as a result of persistently
elevated AGEs.

But there’s good news.
After even a short period of not eating AGEs loaded fried and processed
foods, the number of AGER1 gene copies was restored to normal levels
among patients with kidney disease. That means by simply adjusting the
diet to avoid processed and fried foods, the body was rebuilding its
healthy defense system.

"What is noteworthy about our findings
is that reduced AGE consumption proved to be effective in all study
participants, including healthy persons and persons who have a chronic
condition such as kidney disease," said Dr. Vlassara, the study’s lead
author, in a press statement.

"This suggests that oxidants may play a more active role than genetics
in overwhelming our body’s defenses, which we need to fight off
disease. It has been said that nature holds the power, but the
environment pulls the trigger. The good news is that unlike genetics,
we can control oxidant levels, which may not be an accompaniment to
disease and aging, but instead due to the cumulative toxic influence of AGEs."

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