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Nutrientes encontrados no chá verde previnem e tratam desordens no cérebro

Green tea nutrients prevent and treat brain disorders

(NaturalNews) The December issue of Nature Chemical Biology
contains a study that reveals the powerful effect of the green tea
component EGCG in preventing and treating serious brain disorders like
Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, and Parkinson’s diseases. When combined with
another isolated component, the elements therapeutically eliminate the
protein amyloids which are thought to cause these brain diseases.

plaques are tightly-bound protein sheets that make their way into the
brain and occupy nerve cells. Sometimes they literally bind themselves
around the brain tissue. Consequently, brain
cells lose their oxygen source and begin to die, leading to memory and
speech loss, diminished motor skills, and eventually death.

from Boston Biomedical Research Institute (BBRI) and the University of
Pennsylvania discovered that two chemical components, one found in green tea,
were able to break up the amyloid plaques and restore normal cell
function in samples similar to what would be found in patients with brain disorders. The combination was found to be effective at eradicating all kinds of amyloids.

Representing the first time a specific set of chemical extracts has successfully destroyed protein amyloids, the research
is breakthrough. Because amyloids are highly stable and incredibly
complex, there have been no workable solutions to stopping their deadly
impact on the central nervous system up until now.

are encouraged by the fact that such components have proven to be a
viable treatment for serious degenerative brain disorders. They
anticipate further research that will help to explain the mechanism
behind the components that causes them to be so effective.

Comments by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

"amyloid plaque" theory of brain diseases is actually a westernized,
reductionist mythology that prefers physical explanations for
degenerative disease.

In reality, however, these amyloid plaques are merely symptoms of an underlying biochemical or energetic imbalance.
Once you correct those imbalances, the plaques naturally go away.
Correcting those imbalances, not surprisingly, involves radical
alterations in diet as well as the complete avoidance of inflammatory,
brain-damaging chemicals found in foods, medicines, personal care products and household items (like cleaning solvents).

tea really does work to help protect the brain from degenerative damage
because it helps neutralize dangerous inflammatory chemicals before
they can reach the brain and cause extensive damage. In this way, green
tea indirectly helps prevent amyloid plaques, although that’s really
just a secondary side effect of green tea’s primary protective

Green tea, by the way, also helps prevent both breast
cancers and prostate cancers. If you enjoy the benefits of green tea,
try even more powerful superfoods such as spirulina, chlorella,
blue-green algae or spirulina! They each work in different ways. I take
them all, including green tea.

There is a very strong link, by
the way, between the cognitive function of the population and the
future of any given nation. When brains become clouded with disease,
the future of the nation begins to erode as voters (and their
representatives) make poor decisions. The Roman Empire was destroyed by
lead poisoning, it
is believed. America may one day find itself failing under the burden
of widespread cognitive failure caused by junk foods, psychotropic
drugs, toxic personal care products, plastics chemicals and
environmental toxins.

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