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Atletas que possuem dietas vegetarianas refletem saúde, longevidade e preocupações ambientais

Athletes Eat Plant-Based Diet for Health, Longevity and Environmental Concerns

Saturday, January 30, 2010 by: M.Thornley, citizen journalist
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(NaturalNews) Vegan athletes are finding plant foods a source for
renewed energy and achievement, and are proving, against the
traditional wisdom favoring meat consumption, that a vegan diet will
support competitive athletic performance. Three vegan star performers
are Tony Gonzalez, a tight-end football player, Mac Danzig, a martial
arts fighter and Brendan Brazier, a tri-athlete. Reasons these athletes
gave for switching to a vegan diet were health and ethical issues
related to meat consumption, long term health maintenance, and concern for the environment.

an article titled "The 127 Lb Vegan," January 25, 2008, writer Reed
Albergotti chronicles the odyssey of Tony Gonzalez of the Kansas City
Chiefs, who switched to eating vegan after suffering a bout with Bell’s palsy. Many doctors advise a vegetarian diet to combat this disorder. Gonzalez at age 31 was also concerned about shortened life span among athletes.

Prior to his brush with disease, Gonzalez had subscribed to the conventional wisdom about athletic performance.
He ate steak, drank a gallon of milk a day, and loved macaroni and
cheese. In ten seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs, Gonzalez
established himself as the best tight end in the league. When he
decided to become vegan, he worried that a vegan diet
would not sustain his athletic performance. Under advice from a vegan
strength coach, Gonzalez learned to prepare protein drinks, select fish
oils and eat breads dense with whole grains, nuts and seeds to maintain
his weight and strength. In his 11th season Gonzalez made 99 catches,
and a nagging foot condition cleared up. He found renewed energy and

Like Gonzalez, Mac Danzig, a martial arts fighter, had
encountered problems such as vertigo and ear infections. He
discontinued milk and milk products, then gave up eating mammals and
then poultry and fish in 2004, and eventually became vegan. Danzig says
his diet improved his recovery from workouts while retaining his
competitive edge. When questioned about his motives, Danzig, who is a
nature enthusiast, cites environmental concerns.

Brendan Brazier
is a vegan triathlete from Vancouver, Canada, who describes himself as
80% raw. He became vegetarian in 1990, and in 1998, a strict vegan.
Since information on how to become a successful vegan athlete is not
widely available, Brazier used trial and error. He noted that when he
consumed highly processed protein isolate powders, he experienced
muscle stiffness and joint pain. When he began to eat all raw, natural, alkalizing foods his recovery time improved, and his stiffness and pain faded.

is the author of "The Thrive Diet," and is a world recognized authority
on plant-based nutrition. In 2006, Brazier won the National 50km
Ultramarathon Championship, setting a new record. Brazier holds an
impressive record of other triumphs. He credits his vegan diet to
improved sleep and endurance. Brazier is a sought-after speaker who
promotes environmental awareness, an interest also shared by Gonzalez
and Danzig.


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