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Praticar yoga reduz inflamações e melhor a saúde do coração

Yoga Reduces Inflammation and Improves Heart Health

Monday, February 01, 2010 by: Steve G. Jones, M.Ed., citizen journalist
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(NaturalNews) Many people choose to practice yoga for the relaxation
and flexibility benefits it brings. Yoga is a low impact form of
exercise that strengthens muscles, increases balance, improves
flexibility, and reduces stress with various poses and breathing
exercises. Recent studies show that there are actual physical benefits
of incorporating yoga into one’s life. People who regularly practice
yoga reduce compounds in the blood that contribute to inflammation.
Yoga has also been shown to increase heart rate variability (HRV) which
is a sign of good heart health.

Yoga is an ancient practice that
combines physical poses and breathing exercises. The physical, mental,
and spiritual benefits of yoga are numerous. Yoga improves circulation
and respiration and can increase metabolism and energy. The mental
benefits of yoga include relief from stress, anxiety reduction, and
increased self-confidence. Many people practice yoga for the spiritual
benefits and the connection it brings to the mind, body, and spirit.

recent study conducted at Ohio State University included 50 female
participants. Half of the women were yoga novices who had practiced
yoga for fewer than 12 sessions and the other women were considered
experts who had practiced yoga twice a week for 2 years. Blood samples
were drawn at various times during the study when the women were asked
to perform yoga and light treadmill walking and during a stress test.

blood samples showed that women who did not regularly practice yoga had
41% higher levels of pro-inflammatory cytokine IL-6. This is a
substance that increases inflammation in the body. Inflammation plays a
major role in age-related diseases including heart disease and
diabetes. This study shows that practicing yoga can help people fight
illnesses as they age by reducing their levels of cytokine IL-6.

study shows that yoga increases heart rate variability. A high HRV is a
sign of a healthy heart. The study assessed 42 men who were yoga
novices and 42 men who were yoga experts. Those who regularly practiced
yoga showed strengthening of parasympathetic control or control of
heart rate indicating a healthier heart.

These studies show that
there are numerous health benefits of practicing yoga on a regular
basis. Yoga reduces the levels of cytokine IL-6, thus reducing
inflammation in the body. Regular yoga sessions also increase heart
rate variability which promotes heart health. By incorporating yoga
into one’s life just 2 times a week, people can realize many physical,
mental, and spiritual benefits.


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