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The Philosophy of Recognition

Philosophy of Recognition

According to
Utpaladeva, the soul is bound because he has forgotten his authentic identity
and can only achieve liberation, the ultimate goal of life, by recognizing his
true universal nature. Realizing that everything is a part of himself,
extending his being in wonderfully diverse forms, the fettered soul achieves
this recognition and with it the conviction that he is not a slave of but its
master (pati). In this way he who thought himself weak discovers his spiritual might.
Failing to recognize his identity with Shiva, the one reality Who is the life
and Being of every existing thing, the soul perceives only their individual
identity and thus severs them from one another and from himself. For this
reason he is seemingly sullied by his actions and afflicted by myriad
conditions that stand as obstacles to the realization of his goal
. Yearning for
liberation, he is like a young woman betrothed by arrangement to a handsome
man. Hearing of his many fine qualities she come to love him even thought she
has never seen him. One day they chance to meet but she remains indifferent to
him until she notices that he possesses the qualities of the man she is to marry
and so, to her great delight, she recognizes him (Isvarapratyabhijna – Utpaladeva). Similary, just as man and wife
become one in spirit, so the fettered soul becomes one with Shiva by recognizing
his identity with him, and is liberated.

Retirado de
The Doctrine of Vibration – An analysis of the Doctrines and Practices of
Kashimir Shaivism – Mark S.G. Dyczkowski


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