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Charaka Samhita – Sobre a alimentação

Making an Offering: One should offer regularly wholesome food and drinks to “antaragni”;( internal fire) with due consideration to quantity and time. One who offers oblation to an external fire as well as the food oblations to the internal fire, as well as right conduct, doesn’t get sick.

The best foods to be taken regularly through life:
rice, pulses, rock salt, fruits, barley, rain water, milk, ghee, honey.

Charaka Samhita – Su27#345-347

One should not eat foods out of either attachment or ignorance; rather he should eat the wholesome food after examination, because the body is a product of food.”

Charaka Samhita – Su28#41

Results of Wholesome Food:
endows the body with development, strength, luster, and happy life, and provides energy to the body tissues.


Wholesome and unwholesome food produce good and bad effects respectively.

Benefits of proper food:
Food and drinks with desirable smell, taste and touch and having been taken according to prescribed method is IS SAID AS VITAL STRENGTH by the experts This was deduced on the basis of observing their results directly. The reason is because the condition of internal fire depends on food and drinks for it’s fuel. Food and drinks produce energy in mind, constitution of dhatus, strength, complexion and clarity of sense organs, if properly taken. Otherwise they become harmful.


One taking wholesome food with controlled self lives healthy for 1036 nights (100 years) liked by the good men.


Food is the vital breath of living beings and that is why people rush to the food. Complexion, cheerfulness, good voice, life, imagination, happiness, contentment, corpulence, strength, intellect– all these are dependent on food.
The worldly activities done for livelihood, the vedic ones for attainment of heaven and those for emancipation also depend on food.


Volume of food to eat:
Fill stomach 1/3 with solid food, 1/3 with liquid food, leaving 1/3 “for the doshas” [in other words, leaving 1/3 empty space in the stomach]


Eat according to capacity of Agni/digestion.; Whatever quantity gets digested in time without disturbing the normalcy should be regarded as the proper measure.


Character of food taken in inappropriate quantity:


causing loss of strength, complexion, and development, unsaturation, upward movement of vayu, harm to life-span, virility and immunity, damage to body, mind, intellect and sense-organs, inflicting “sara” [damaging sara -tissue essence], carrying inauspiciousness and causing  disorders.


When one eats solid food up to the saturation point [feeling ‘full’] and then drinks “liquids up to the same” [equal portion as the solid foods], the 3 doshas which normally reside in the stomach are pressed too much by the excess quantity of food. Thus the 3 doshas get vitiated simultaneously. These vitiated doshas enter into [/mix with] the food and get located in a “portion of the belly”. From here they may cause the following symptoms: distention of the abdomen, or sudden dosha elimination via vomiting or diarrhea. V produces colic pain, hardness in belly, body-ache, dryness ofmouth, fainting, giddiness, irregularity of digestion, stiffness in side, back and waist, constriction and spasm in blood vessels. P produces fever, diarrhea, internal heat, thirst, narcosis, giddiness and delirium. K produces vomiting, anorexia, indigestion, fever with cold, lassitude and heaviness in body.


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  1. Gostei disso amigo. Neste ano me comprometi de correr menos e meditar mais. Espero estar preparada para cumprir este contrato comigo mesma. Um grande abraço AldaizAzevedo

    janeiro 21, 2011 às 10:48 pm

    • Fico feliz por compartilhar as experiências vividas, pois para mim a comunicação é uma dádiva que pode nos proporcionar multiplas convergências, inter-subjetividades! Compreender a existência na sua profundidade é meu objetivo, por isso busco superar as limitações que vão se configurando em mim mesmo, arduo trabalho de construção e descontrução, ciclos que se renovam, se repetem…. assim tem sido…. orando e meditando! Grato pela sua visita! se cuide!

      janeiro 22, 2011 às 1:10 am

    • se precisar de alguma ajuda pode contar comigo!

      janeiro 22, 2011 às 1:12 am

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