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Bodhapancadasika by Abhinavagupta III e IV

Fifteen Verses of Wisdom

text entitled “Fifteen Verses of Wisdom” (bodhapancadasika) by
Abhinavagupta, the great master of all aspects of Kashmir
Saivism. These fifteen verses provide a brief exposition, and capture
the essence, of the doctrine of Kashmir Saivism.

3. Siva and Sakti are not aware that they are separate.
They are interconnected just as fire is one with heat.

If for the sake of explanation we make a distinction between
Sakti and Siva then one could say that Sakti is this whole universe
and that from which this universe issues forth is Siva.This
Siva and Sakti, Lord Siva and this world, are not aware that they
are separate. Why is this? Simply because in reality they are not
separate at all. The state of Lord Siva and the state of universe
are one and the same, just as the fire is one with heat. Heat is not
separate from fire; fire is not separate from heat.

4. He is the God Bhairava. He creates, protects, destroys,
conceals, and reveals His nature through the cycle of
this world. This whole universe is created by God in His
own nature, just as one finds the reflection of the world
in a mirror.

This universe is created by Lord Siva in His own nature. The
Lord protects and gives strength to the universe. The universe
and the universe holder, i.e., the creator of universe, are one and
the same.
This universe is a reflection (pratibimba) of Lord Siva. It is not
created in the same way as a woman creates a child, which at
birth becomes separate from herself. Rather, this universe is created
in the same way as the image of an object, such as a city, can
be found reflected in a mirror. In the case of Lord Siva, there is no
city which exists independently of the mirror. The only thing that
exists is the city seen in the mirror. There is no separate object
reflected in the mirror, rather Lord Siva creates this whole universe
in the mirror of His own nature by His independence (svatantrya),
His freedom.

Retirado de Self Realization in Kashmir Shaivism The Oral Teachings of Swami Lakshmanjoo
Foreword by Lance Nelson


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