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Bodhapancadasika by Abhinavagupta VI e VII

Fifteen Verses of Wisdom

text entitled “Fifteen Verses of Wisdom” (bodhapancadasika) by
Abhinavagupta, the great master of all aspects of Kashmir
Saivism. These fifteen verses provide a brief exposition, and capture
the essence, of the doctrine of Kashmir Saivism.

6. The supreme Lord Siva, who is all-pervasive and fond
of playing and falling, together with the Energy of His
own nature simultaneously brings about the varieties
of creation and destruction.

This supreme Lord Siva, who is all-pervasive, along with the
Energy of His own nature, creates varieties of creation and
He creates birds, He creates bugs, He creates everything in
this world. He creates whatever is possible and whatever is not
possible. And He does not create it in succession. He creates it
simultaneously (yugapat). But what is the purpose of all this?
The purpose is to discover that God Consciousness also exists in
all creation.
What is the Energy of His own nature? Universal existence,
the universal cycle of universe. With this universal cycle Lord
Siva is fond of playing and also falling.
Take the example of a young boy. It may happen that when
this young boy becomes too excited he begins to jump about wildly
and may bump his head. In the same way God has masked his
own nature because there is too much ecstasy. He wants to disconnect
that ecstacy, but that ecstasy, in reality, cannot be disconnected
at all. The Lord knows that, but still for His own
amusement He temporarily disconnects it. Then, at the time
when he again realizes His own nature, He feels that the ecstacy
was already there.

7. This supreme action cannot be accomplished by any
other power in this universe except Lord Siva, who is
completely independent, perfectly glorious and intelligent.
This kind of action can not be accomplished by any power in
this universe other than Lord Siva. Only Lord Siva can do this.
Only Lord Siva, by His own svatantrya, can totally ignore and
mask His own nature.

Lord Siva wants, in His creation, to disconnect His God Consciousness
completely and then to discover that it was never disconnected.
Although it is disconnected, it is not disconnected. In
the real sense it is not disconnected. This is the supreme action.
If you are full of life, how can you be without life? You cannot
but Lord Siva can. Lord Siva can become without life. He can
become completely insentient (jada) and totally disconnected
from God Consciousness, just like a rock. For where is the existence
of Lord Siva in a rock? In rocks there is nothing, it is just a
This is His svatantrya, His glory, His intelligence. Intelligence
does not mean that in this super-drama called creation you will
only play the part of a lady or a man. With this kind of intelligence
you will also play the part of rocks, of trees, of all things.
This kind of intelligence is found only in the state of Lord Siva
and nowhere else.

Retirado de Self Realization in Kashmir Shaivism The Oral Teachings of Swami Lakshmanjoo
Foreword by Lance Nelson


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