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Bodhapancadasika by Abhinavagupta VIII

Fifteen Verses of Wisdom

text entitled “Fifteen Verses of Wisdom” (bodhapancadasika) by
Abhinavagupta, the great master of all aspects of Kashmir
Saivism. These fifteen verses provide a brief exposition, and capture
the essence, of the doctrine of Kashmir Saivism.

8. The limited state of consciousness is insentient and
cannot simultaneously expand itself to become the various
forms of the universe. The possessor of independence
is absolutely different from that insentient state
of consciousness. You cannot, therefore, recognize Him
in only one way. The moment you recognize Him in one
way you will also recognize Him in the other way (4).

In this super-drama of creation the limited state of consciousness
can play the part only in an individual way. When it has
taken the part of a rock it cannot simultaneously, at that
moment, become a tree, a bird, a tiger, a human being, or the gods
Brahma, Rudra, Visnu, Isvara, and Sadasiva. However, Lord
Siva can. Simultaneously he has become all these forms and
every form in the universe as well. This is the way He spreads
and expands His own nature.
You know that an ordinary limited being who lives in one place
cannot at the same time live in another place. This is not the case
with God Consciousness. God Consciousness is everywhere, in
each and every way. God Consciousness is in all time: in the present,
the past, and the future. God Consciousness is unlimited by time and space.
The limited state of being is insentient (jada), and yet the possessor
of this state of insentience is completely independent(svatantra), intelligent (bodha), and absolutely different (vilaksana) from that state.
So this limited “form of consciousness” is attributed only to
insentience. But He has created that. For example, a rock is a creation
of God when it is only a rock. But a rock is God itself when,
while it is rock, it is also a human being, a god, a tree, a bird.5
This is His play and the reason why He has created differentiated
existence. In His play He has played this kind of trick
wherein the rock becomes only a rock. It is totally unaware of
anything, including its true nature as universal God Consciousness.
And in His play He enjoys the state of a rock being limited
to being a rock and also being universal.
So there are two states to consider: the state of ignorance and
the state of knowledge. When there is knowledge, a rock is not
only rock, it is also universal. With knowledge, a rock is a rock
and it is also all people; it is all trees, it is everything. When there
is intelligence a rock is everyone and everything. But when a rock
is just a rock, when it is ignorant, then it is a rock and nothing
else. But at the same time, in that rock God is satisfied.
Lord Siva enjoys the seeming limited aspect of ignorance
because He knows that ignorance is not, in the real sense, ignorance
at all. He enjoys that. So you cannot recognize Him in only
one way. At the very moment you recognize Him in one way you
will recognize Him in the other way as well. This is the reality of
Kashmir Saivism as explained by Abhinavagupta.

4. The moment you recognize Him in a universal way as unlimited
you will also recognize Him individually as limited. This is His play. The
limited insentient state of consciousness is also the Lord.

Retirado de Self Realization in Kashmir Shaivism The Oral Teachings of Swami Lakshmanjoo
Foreword by Lance Nelson


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