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Bodhapancadasika by Abhinavagupta XV

Fifteen Verses of Wisdom

text entitled “Fifteen Verses of Wisdom” (bodhapancadasika) by
Abhinavagupta, the great master of all aspects of Kashmir
Saivism. These fifteen verses provide a brief exposition, and capture
the essence, of the doctrine of Kashmir Saivism.

15. In this way the Lord, Bhairava, the essence of all being,
has held in His own way in His own nature, the three
great energies: the energy of will (iccha-Sakti), the
energy of action (kriya-sakti), and the energy of knowledge
(jnana-sakti). These three energies are just like
that trident (7) which is the three-fold lotus. And seated
on this lotus is Lord Bhairava, who is the nature of the
whole universe of 118 worlds.

The nature of the universe is the existence of Lord Siva. Lord
Siva’s existence is naturally everyone’s nature. Lord Siva is found
in rocks; Lord Siva is found everywhere. Lord Siva is even found
in the absence of Lord Siva. Even there He is not absent, He is
There He resides, alone in His kingdom. No one else is found

16. I, Abhinavagupta, have written and revealed these
verses for some of my dear disciples who have very little
intellectual understanding. For those disciples,
who are deeply devoted to me, I have composed these
fifteen verses just to elevate them instantaneously.

(7) The trisula is a trident carried by ascetics, a symbol of Lord Siva.

Retirado de Self Realization in Kashmir Shaivism The Oral Teachings of Swami Lakshmanjoo
Foreword by Lance Nelson


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